Keskkonnainspektsioon: Introduction


The Environmental Inspectorate is an administrative unit under the Ministry of Environment which exercises supervision in all areas of environmental protection. It coordinates and executes supervision regarding the use of natural resources and the protection of the environment by applying the state´s coercive measures on the basis and to the extent specified by law.

The Environmental Inspectorate is an institution dealing with environmental violations and since September 1st, 2011 also carries out investigations in criminal cases.

The Environmental Inspectorate has the right to:

• Implement measures provided by law for the prevention of illegal activities and implementation of mandatory environmental protection measures;
• Suspend unlawful activities damaging or dangerous to the environment and also lawful activities related to the use of natural resources if such activities endanger the life, health or property of persons;
• Organise the storage, sale and return to the lawful owner or destruction of natural products of undetermined ownership and of equipment and instruments used for procurement thereof;
• Organise, in the cases prescribed by law, the liquidation of unauthorised construction works.
The functions, rights and obligations of the Environmental Inspectorate are specified in the Environmental Supervision Act.