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Hotline 1313

1313 Hotline Service

The environmental emergency hotline 1313 awaits information about environmental pollution and environmental violations.

Do call our hotline whenever you notice:

  • environmental pollution or threat of pollution
  • illegal logging, fishing or other misuse of nature
  • illegal waste storage
  • large numbers of dead birds, animals or fish
  • other illegal environmental activities

Dead or wounded animals

When you notice dead or wounded large game on the road (wolf, bear, lynx, wild boar, red deer, elk or roe deer), please inform 1313 of the incident. We contact local hunting organisations, that take the wounded or dead animals away.

Call 1510 (Road information Center) to report of perished or wounded small game on the road, from there local road service gets further details. Local governments who deal with the issues of property maintenance should be informed in case animals perish within the borders of the town or rural settlement.

Calling to 1313 hotline

The hotline 1313 works nationwide 24/7 and could be dialled from fixed or mobile phones.

Calling from mobile to 1313 the charge is 0,23 €/min. Dialling from fixed phone the charge is calculated according to the price list of the service provider.

Long number of 1313 is: +372 633 1313

You can also send an e-mail to the 1313 hotline, which is



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