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Riigikogu approves merger of Environmental Board and Environmental Inspectorate

On June 17th the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) passed changes to the law that will result in the merger of the Environmental Board and the Environmental Inspectorate on 1 January 2021. The merged agency will go by the name of the Environmental Board. The Environmental Board and the...

Most nature strollers follow the rules of the emergency situation

The inspections conducted last weekend by the Environmental Inspectorate showed that in general, people strolling in nature are aware of and follow the emergency situation rules. In some cases, it was necessary to explain the 2 + 2 rule and issue verbal warnings, but there were no major incidents...

Many fishermen who use shore nets to catch roach on Lake Peipus fail to comply with fishing requirements

Since 1 March, when fishing with shore nets started on lakes Peipsi, Lämmi, and Pihkva on the basis of fishing cards, the Environmental Inspectorate has identified numerous violations related to the placing, marking, and labelling of nets placed for catching purposes. ‘In many cases, people have...

The government supported the plan to merge the Environmental Board and the Environmental Inspectorate

Today, the government supported the plan proposed by the Ministry of the Environment to merge the Environmental Board and the Environmental Inspectorate. The merger of the Environmental Board, a body which implements the policy of environmental use, environmental protection, and radiation safety...

Organisation of work during the emergency situation

Due to the current emergency situation, the Environmental Inspectorate has temporarily reorganised its activities: as of 16 March, its offices are closed for visitors and we work mainly via telework. We are available by phone and email. Inspections are still carried out in nature and possible...

The Jõelähtme landfill must reduce odour nuisance

Measurements carried out at the Jõelähtme landfill of the Tallinn Recycling Centre (Tallinna Jäätmete Taaskasutuskeskus) showed that the level of odour nuisance emanating from the landfill exceeds the permitted norm and the company must reduce it. A study conducted by the Estonian Environmental...

One fifth of the 1,201 misdemeanour proceedings initiated last year were related to waste activities

In 2019, the Environmental Inspectorate initiated 1,201 misdemeanour proceedings in connection with environmental violations, which include 232 misdemeanour proceedings related to waste activities, an area that has been given particular attention. ‘On the one hand, the Environmental Inspectorate...

Several fishing violations have already identified on Lake Peipus this year

In the first weeks of this year, the Environmental Inspectorate has already identified several dozen pieces of fishing gear illegally placed for catching purposes, including poorly marked or unmarked series of nets and entangling nets exceeding the maximum number of allowed entangling nets....
Aiahargist tehtud ahing

Some of the proceedings initiated on salmon rivers in autumn have been concluded with penalties imposed on the offenders

The Environmental Inspectorate concluded part of the proceedings initiated in autumn during the spawning season for Salmonids and penalties have been imposed on the offenders. Depending on the circumstances, the fines range from a few hundred to 800 euros, plus compensation for environmental damage...

The inspectorate reminds farmers of restrictions on manure application

Although it is prohibited to apply liquid manure to fields from 1 November, the Environmental Inspectorate has registered cases where this restriction has been ignored. The Environmental Inspectorate reminds farmers that in addition to the current ban on the application of liquid manure, semi-...


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