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The inspectorate reminds farmers of restrictions on manure application

Although it is prohibited to apply liquid manure to fields from 1 November, the Environmental Inspectorate has registered cases where this restriction has been ignored.

The Environmental Inspectorate reminds farmers that in addition to the current ban on the application of liquid manure, semi-liquid, solid, and deep litter manure and other organic fertilisers may not be applied to fields from 1 December. Restrictions on all types of manure apply until 20 March.

Restriction periods may be adjusted depending on weather conditions, as manure must not be spread on frozen, snow-covered, or flooded ground. The purpose of these restrictions is to prevent the leaching of nutrients from manure to surface and groundwater, which poses a serious risk to the environment, especially in unprotected or poorly protected groundwater areas, including nitrate-vulnerable areas.
Manure application at the wrong time is also impractical, as the nutrients intended for crops are lost, leading to reduced yields.

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