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Many fishermen who use shore nets to catch roach on Lake Peipus fail to comply with fishing requirements

Since 1 March, when fishing with shore nets started on lakes Peipsi, Lämmi, and Pihkva on the basis of fishing cards, the Environmental Inspectorate has identified numerous violations related to the placing, marking, and labelling of nets placed for catching purposes.

‘In many cases, people have obtained a fishing card for shore net fishing but have forgotten to examine the current requirements for using shore nets. Owners of fishing cards must keep in mind that the acquisition of a fishing card not only gives the right to net fishing but also entails the obligation to comply with fishing regulations,’ said Ivo Kask, Chief Inspector of the Fish Protection Department of the Environmental Inspectorate.

During the three weeks, the Environmental Inspectorate has been forced to remove 22 shore nets which had been placed for catching purposes in violation of fishing requirements from lakes Peipsi, Lämmi, and Pihkva. In nine cases, shore nets with prohibited mesh sizes had been placed and in three cases, entangling nets based on two fishing cards had been connected and placed in one line.

On ten occasions, inspectors found different shore nets and series of nets (22 nets in total) which did not have the required marking and labelling and which made it impossible to identify the owners of the fishing gear on site.
In addition, the Environmental Inspectorate has had to issue dozens of admonitions and verbal warnings to owners of fishing cards for minor infringements by phone. Warnings have had to be issued regarding the colour of marker flags, labelling requirements, distance requirements, and also for keeping marker flags in a body of water without any fishing gear.

As the season for roach fishing with shore nets lasts until May, the inspectorate explains fishermen how the shore net must be placed, marked, and labelled for fishing.

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