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Violation of the requirements for international waste shipments led to criminal proceedings

In early October, employees of the Environmental Inspectorate and the Tax and Customs Board detained a truck in the Tallinn Passenger Port smuggling sorting residue resulting from sorting under the guise of construction waste from Finland. The Environmental Inspectorate initiated criminal...

Illegal salmon fisher caught in Lääne-Viru County

Tonight, inspectors and the police in Mustoja, Lääne-Viru County, detained an illegal fisher who was fishing for salmon with electric fishing gear. Volunteer fish patrols informed the inspectors about their illegal activities. There were apparently more illegal fishers, but others managed to...

Inspectors verified compliance with environmental requirements in car repair shops of Pärnu County

The Environmental Inspectorate detected some minor violations during a raid in car repair shops in Pärnu County last week, primarily in relation to greenhouse gases, but overall, the inspectorate was satisfied with the compliance with environmental requirements. The raids on 10 September...
Bird hunting shelter on Kalvi coast with a loudspeaker

The list of infringements by Italian hunting tourists was extended

In addition to the hunting offence detected in early September in Pärnu County, four other offences related to Italian hunting tourists were discovered in the second half of September. Two cases occurred on Saaremaa. One case was detected in both Pärnu County and Ida-Viru County. The inspection...
The picture is illustrative and is connected to an earlier case

One violation has been discovered during this year’s bird hunting season

The waterfowl hunting season, which started on 20 August, has been calm so far. However, one violation of hunting requirements was detected last week in Pärnu County. The hunter hunted the birds in a forbidden way. On 4 September, inspectors from the Pärnumaa Office inspected a report which...

The Environmental Inspectorate commenced 18 misdemeanour proceedings related to fishing for crayfish

In July and August this year, the Environmental Inspectorate has initiated 18 misdemeanour procedure related to fishing for crayfish, and 70 unmarked crayfish traps and pots have been removed from water bodies. The procedures have been commenced in the following counties: seven in Võru County, six...

The Environmental Inspectorate reminds all hunters to follow the law and good hunting practice in the upcoming waterfowl hunting season

The use of electronic decoys is prohibited in the hunting of waterfowl. Only mechanical decoys such as whistles and decoy figures may be used. With regard to the waterfowl hunting season starting next week, the Environmental Inspectorate reminds hunters and hunting organisers that hunting must...

Producer responsibility organisations MTÜ Rehviringlus and MTÜ Eesti Rehviliit have to handle their share of old tires located in Loo

On 3 July, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss the complaint of the non-profit organisations Rehviringlus and Eesti Rehviliit against the Environmental Inspectorate’s precept concerning the handling of old tires collected and stored in Loo, Harju County. Thus, the decisions of the Tallinn Circuit...

Birds trapped in the ventilation openings of a Lasnamäe apartment building were rescued

As a result of the rescue operation that ended by lunch on Sunday, 30 June, a total of five swifts were rescued from the closed ventilation openings in an apartment building on Kärberi Street. Three of them were rescued on Saturday, and two more birds flew out yesterday. (To clarify: two swifts...

A bird rescue operation is underway in Lasnamäe

This week, two swifts have been rescued from the ventilation openings in the apartment building at 8 Kärberi Street. The bird rescue operation continues. Today, on 29 June, employees of the Rescue Board, commissioned by the Environmental Inspectorate, came to open the ventilation openings in the...


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