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The ambient air quality in Kehra has improved, but not yet sufficiently

As a result of the measures implemented by the Kehra pulp mill, air quality indicators have improved, but the company still has to make efforts to meet the standards for volatile sulphur compounds. In 2017, the Environmental Board approved an action plan for reducing the hydrogen sulphide in the...

663 unmarked gill nets were removed from Lake Peipsi

663 unmarked gill nets, estimated to be 46.4 kilometres long in total, were removed from Lake Peipsi during the clean-up event that lasted for four days at the initiative of the Environmental Inspectorate. On 4 and 5 June, 403 unmarked gill nets were found and removed from the southern part of...
Removal of illegal nets

Fishing on Lake Peipsi was monitored from Kolpino Island to Vasknarva

Estonian and Russian fish protection inspectors carried out a joint inspection on Lake Peipsi, Lake Lämmijärv, and Lake Pskov, which covered the waters of both countries from Kolpino Island to Vasknarva. The inspection focused on monitoring professional fishermen and the fishing gear they were...

Asphalt plant closes in Väo quarry

The asphalt concrete plant of the private limited company Verston Ehitus, which has caused dissatisfaction among the residents of Lasnamäe, will close down in Väo quarry on 17 June. ‘The Environmental Inspectorate estimates that the asphalt plant is not able to avoid odour nuisances at its...
 Three new ships in Kakumäe harbour

The Environmental Inspectorate will receive new surveillance ships

By the end of July, the Environmental Inspectorate will receive seven new recreational crafts for the monitoring of fishing activities, the first four of which have arrived in Estonia. ‘The new ships are intended for inspectors of the seaside counties to control fishing in the Baltic Sea, as the...

The Environmental Inspectorate is clarifying the circumstances of the pollution near Vaindloo Island

The Environmental Inspectorate has initiated a procedure to clarify the circumstances of the marine pollution, including the extent of the pollution, detected over the weekend near Vaindloo Island. ‘The suspect vessel is known and is currently in the port of St. Petersburg. We are communicating...
Inspectors removed a large amount of illegal fishing gear from Lake Peipsi and Lake Lämmijärv  TThe breams in the picture were released from the net and returned to the lake

Inspectors removed a large amount of illegal fishing gear from Lake Peipsi and Lake Lämmijärv

Inspectors of the Environmental Inspectorate removed 34 lines of gill nets with a total of 207 gill nets within a couple of weeks due to violations from Lake Peipsi and Lake Lämmijärv. In addition, three fyke nets, four katiska traps, and a plastic boat with a battery were administered. ‘We...

The Inspectorate summarised the winter fishing supervision in the Gulf of Pärnu

The Environmental Inspectorate summarised the results of the monitoring carried out this winter in the Pärnu Bay, concerning both commercial and recreational fishing. Winter inspections led to the opening of 11 misdemeanour proceedings and one criminal proceeding. From January to March,...

Illegal fishing was verified by a vessel monitoring system

The professional fisherman who had used dozens of unmarked nets on Lake Peipsi and tried to hide what they had done was identified thanks to the Lake Peipsi fishing vessel tracking system. Data from the tracking system were used to verify the fisherman’s movement and connection with the illegal...

The Environmental Inspectorate monitored winter fishing on Lake Peipsi

From Monday to Friday last week, the Environmental Inspectorate conducted a raid on Lake Peipsi, during which, 344 lines of nets were inspected. The infringements identified led to the initiation of 20 misdemeanour proceedings and the removal of more than 50 unmarked gill nets. Ivo Kask, Chief...


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